Wednesday, 11 December 2013

IPBES-2 in Antalya

At the IPBES-2, currently hold in Antalya, the work program of this Intergovernmental Panel is discussed. Part of the work program comprises invasive species and wildlife diseases, hence, they are very relevant to RACE and research on wildlife diseases carried out. The RACE-Brief as well as the RACE Policy Brief have been distributed here in Antalya with a total number of 250 copies. The MEP of the IPBES, as well as several countries have shown great interest in the work conducted by RACE, with Robert Watson being very excited to receive a full information package on Bd. Many discussions resulted from the distribution of the information with delegates from around the world, including Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. In many cases, only vague ideas and information on Bd and other wildlife diseases were present. The delegates and stakeholders were happy to receive first hand information from RACE. Generally, there is a great chance that the Bd work could become an example for the work of the IPBES.

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