Monday, 22 August 2011

Press coverage in the Pyrenees

Matthew Fisher and Dirk Schmeller, an English and a German researcher, out to save the world for the Midwife toad in the Pyrenees. That is about the summary of our recent appearance on the French regional TV channel France 3. In between our field work, and just before testing the RACE-Duster on a steep forest road, we also had an interview by La Republique. Finally, earlier this year, the Moulis group starred in another short report for France 3, covering the region of Midi-Pyrenees. You can find the reports under the following links

France 3 - Aquitaine Soir3 (at about 3:40)

France 3 - Aquitaine 19:20 (at about 19 min)

La Republique

France 3 - Midi-Pyrenees

Btw. in case you have missed it on the Aquitaine report, Matthew made sure that the camerawoman films my best side. Check the reflection in the window.


Chris said...

Love the shot of you being interviewed while Mat stands there looking stern!

By the way, what on earth is the RACE-Duster?!?!?

Dirk S. Schmeller said...

The RACE-Duster is our 4-wheel offroader for getting to Lhurs.... Ask Mat. Got us there rather well..

Anonymous said...

Save the World - My ass! What you need is a dose of modesty. See